• All cabinetry to be plywood construction (no particleboard). 
  • 180 degree hinges, wrap hinge.
  • No blind corners:
    • All space below the corner of a kitchen countertop must be accessible from either of the adjacent cabinets, or by a special corner cabinet door.
    • No Lazy Susans. 
  • No drawers larger than 18”.
  • KCMA certification preferred.
  • Hardware (pull) to be included in all cabinetry.
  • The cabinetry products in this section are shown as reference. Other cabinetry products that meet the requirements of the spec may be used.
  • Seal with foam all plumbing and electrical penetrations behind cabinetry.
  • Share the following form with installers to make sure new cabinetry meets POAH's requirements:

cabinetry in units.

Use the unit finish options.

Cabinetry in common spaces.

Use the cabinetry spec for more detail.